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Generation Why Bible StudiesView
  Who is God?
by Tracy Wenger Sadd
5 sessions plus extender, 40 pages, $12.95
God is beyond human comprehension, yet desires to be known. These five sessions focus on the way we get dlues about and glimpses of God from the Bible, God's creation, and church tradition.
  Take Two Tablets: The Ten Commandments
by Frank Ramirez
6 sessions plus extender, 44 pages, $14.95
The Ten Commandments reflect God's vision of what human society can be. Following them means to make a willing response to God, to live life as it was meant to be in its creation. In this s tudy of the commandments, youth will learn about creation, how they are still relevant, and the ways they can guide a person when making everyday choices in decisions.
  Testing the Waters: Considering Covenant, Community, and Baptism
by Jeff Wright and Lani Wright
6 sessions plus extender, 44 pages, $14.95
Discover the biblical roots for the central Christian concepts of covenant, community, and baptism.
  Do Miracles Happen? Signs and Wonders of the Gospel of John
by Christy Risser
5 sessions plus extender, 36 pages, $12.95
Explore the meaning and magic of Christ's signs and wonders as his glory is revealed through the Gospel of John.
  Pain and Praise: Psalms
by Mariann Martin
6 sessions plus extender, 36 pages, $14.95
Help young people understand how God is involved meaningfully and lovingly in our everyday lives.
  Living Beyond Our Means: The Extravagance of Biblical Stewardship
by Carol Duerksen
5 sessions plus extender, 36 pages, $12.95
A biblical approach to stewardship for teens living in a material-oriented society. Realistic sessions on how and why we are called to be stewards for God.
  A Speck in the Universe: What the Bible Says About Self-Esteem and Peer Pressure
by Steve Ropp
6 sessions plus extender, 40 pages, $14.95
Discover God's unconditional love and acceptance of all people. Focuses on issues of self-esteem and peer pressure.
  How Do You Know? Wisdom in the Bible
by Chris Bowman
5 sessions plus extender, 36 pages, $12.95
Practical, hands-on wisdom to help young people avoid life's snares and grow closer to God. From Proverbs, Job, and Ecclesiastes.
  Does God Fight? Violence in the Bible
by Dave Radcliffe
6 sessions plus extender, 44 pages, $14.95
What does the Bible say about violence and armed conflict? Discussion of issues in the Old and New Testaments.
  How to Read the Bible
by David Schroeder
5 sessions plus extender, 40 pages, $12.95
What kind of book is the Bible? What does this book mean to me? Looks at the Bible as revelation, as history, as literature.
  Keeping the Garden: a Faith Response to God's Creation
by Tim and Donita Wiebe-Neufeld
6 sessions plus extender, 44 pages, $14.95
This unit from Genesis gets beyond trendy environmentalism and challenges youth to see environmental awareness as a religious issue.
  Clueless and Called: Discipleship and the Gospel of Mark
by Robbie Miller
5 sessions plus extender, 44 pages, $12.95
What does it take to be a disciple? Focuses on the requirements for following Jesus.
  Do the Right Thing: Ethics with Meaning
by Jennifer Halteman-Schrock
6 sessions plus extender, 44 pages, $14.95
Using both Old and New Testament texts, this unit explores ethical issues young people face in their everyday lives, helps them identify the right course of action.
  You Can't Make Me Go to Church!
by Eddy Hall
5 sessions plus extender, 40 pages, $12.95
Radical love, discipleship, and sharing were hard requirements for being a part of the early church. Discover how the church can recover these characteristics.
  The Radical Reign: Parables of Jesus
by Gary Wilde
6 sessions plus extender, 40 pages, $14.95
Jesus used parables to reveal what the kingdom of God is like, and how God relates to us.
  Who's In, Who's Out?
by Steve Clapp
5 sessions plus extender, 32 pages, $12.95
Racism is a problem in churches and society. This unit from Jonah and Ruth awknowledges that God loves us in spite of our racism.
  How to Be a True Friend
by Michele Hershberger
6 sessions plus extender, 40 pages, $14.95
Helps youth discover the secrets of friendship through various stories from the Old and New Testament.
  The Serpent's Apple: Facing Temptation
by Aiden Schlichting Enns
5 sessions plus extender, $12.95
As they grow, youth are faced with decisions about life, finance, sexuality. This unit focuses on the need to form clear beliefs which one will use in decision making. Temptation is not always a bad thing. God has given us choices from which we gain knowledge and mature. The trick is knowing when temptation puts one on the growing edge or the cutting edge of the sword.
  Who Is Jesus?
by Debbie Eisenbise and Lee Krahenbuhl
6 sessions plus extender, $14.95
These sessions focus on Jesus the person. Youth will spend time getting to know Jesus: teacher, prophet, troublemaker, Savior. What did his life, death, and resurrection mean to the world? How can yoth have a relationship with Jesus, a friendship that can change their lives?
  Mantras, Menorahs, and Minarets: Encountering Other Faiths
by Gary Wilde
5 sessions plus extender, 44 pages, $12.95
How is Christianity different from other faith expressions? Why do others believe the way they do?
  Hangin' Loose, Holdin' Tight: Paul's Epistles
by Dan Petry
Paul contrasts the restrictions of living under the Law with freedom in Christ.
  Bad News, Good News: Prophets Speak Truth to Power
by Lee Krahenbuhl
The prohets can teach youth about service to God, speaking truth to power, and the consequences of unfaithfulness.
  The Gospel Revolution
Applies Jesus' radical ideas to the culture youth face today.
  Morphed: New Life in Romans
Learn how Jesus is the answer to our struggle to be faithful
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In a time of violence, injustice, materialism, and hard questions, Generation Why Bible Studies help a new generation of youth apply the Bible to real life.

With easy-to-use teaching materials, creative activities, hard-hitting discussion questions, and reproducible student sheets, these studies tackle the complicated issue of following Christ in the real world of the 1990's. Generation Why Bible Studies offer a topical yet systematic approach to the study of Scripture. The studies require no student pieces and are appropriate for Sunday school, youth group, retreats, or small group study.


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