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Martyrs MirrorView
by Thieleman J. van Braght
  illustrated by Jan Luyken
hardcover, 1,157 pages, $45.00
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MARTYRS MIRROR is a record of the path of the early martyrs. The price of their own life, limbs, and blood was a gift they gladly gave to preserve what they believed to be a pure faith and the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. Tortures, persecutions, and suffering were endured with a fortitude and heroism that is unparalleled in history.

Here is a collection of accounts of more than 4,011 people burned at the stake, of countless bodies torn on the rack, torn tongues, ears, hands, feet; gouged eyes, people buried alive, crucifixions, beheadings, stonings, drownings, smotherings whippings, and of people dying in dungeons; stories of songs, letters, prayers, and confessions, of many who were willing to bear the cross of persecution and death for a faith which followed the New Testament teachings.

A Worth Heritage

Van Braght collected the accounts of martyrdom in MARTYRS MIRROR with the hope that they would inspire the reader to hold as tenaciously to the faith as did the martyrs of whom he wrote. The heritage of bloodshed and persecution for the sake of a clear conscience and a pure faith grounded in the Word of God is the heritage of the Christian church. Such a faith, worthy of so dear a price, is worthy of perpetuation and should serve to challenge its descendants even today to a greater loyalty to biblical teachings.

For Today

MARTYRS MIRROR has a timeless value in teaching of the position of Christians in human conflict today. When Christians sincerely want to know their responsibility in world conflagrations, this book presents an answer based on the life of Christ. An overflowing heart is greater than an exciting mind. The testimonies of these thousands of martyrs disclose a heart in likeness of our Savior. MARTYRS MIRROR is for today!

to read these accounts of court trials and martyrdoms of a people who expressed supreme allegiance to their Lord and Master is to learn that, come what may, the Christian life is one of supreme discipleship, of strict adherence to the way of life as expressed by Jesus and his apostles.

Many Editions

The first American edition of MARTYRS MIRROR was a translation from the Dutch into German and was printed at the Ephrata Cloisters, at Ephrata, Pennsylvania, in 1745.

The first English edition, translated from the German, was published at Lampeter Square, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, in 1837. The second English Edition was published in 1853 in London, England. The third English edition, published in 1886 in Elkhart, Indiana, was a translation from the original Dutch language edition of 1660.

A reprint of the third English edition was published in 1938 at Scottdale, Pennsylvania. Reprints were released in 1950, 1951, 1964, 1968, 1972 and 1975.

The eleventh English printing, 1977, and subsequent prints, include reproductions of the engravings.


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