Anabaptist - Mennonite Heritage

The beginning of the Mennonite Church was in the Anabaptist movement in the 16th century. Out of this beginning was born the General Conference Mennonite Church in 1860 [now Mennonite Chruch USA] at Westpoint, Iowa. In 1878 our local congregation was started in Mountain. Lake, Minnesota.

The right panel shows the symbol of our General Conference Mennonite Church, based on the verse Menno Simons chose: For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ. I Cor. 3:11

The solid line under the symbol signifies this foundation in Jesus Christ. The Cross of Christ transcends two worlds: the two kingdoms of heaven and earth.  First Mennonite Sanctuary

The center panel shows us the symbol of the Mennonite Central Committee, in which all Mennonite and Brethren in Christ conferences united to serve In the name of Christ. The dove represents our non-violent position. The cross of Christ is shaded into the dove.